maandag 17 maart 2014

Prototype 24

Measuring distances for the postition of the V-slot, and the length of the leash.



The dog has to be able to go in front of the wheel chair , and to the back of the wheel chair
for example to pick something up.
The most used length for a leach is about 50 cm.

In this respect, positioning the V-slot in the middle of the side-panel of the wheelchair is the best option.
But it can't be on the side of the joystick.

We have to find a prototype that takes as little space as possible, next to the wheelchair.
Because people need those space to manouvre in narrow passages.
( a standard has a width of 80cm, adapted doors have a width of 90cm )

The ideal height of the V-slot was about 62 cm.

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