dinsdag 4 maart 2014

First visit at Hachiko

On our first visit at Hachiko's on 26/02/2014 we showed our prototypes to Caroline. Sometimes it wasn't necessary to test them wit a dog, because Caroline knew it wasn't attainable. She also showed a couple connecting systems she uses to help people with a disability who own an assistant-dog. 

On our blog, there is with every prototype a short video with the test and a table with te expectations and results. But below we are showing two videos who summarize our first visit and the help we got from Caroline and her two dogs. (Watch in HD on youtube)

1. summary of existing connecting systems and leashes

2. different kind of analysis

Questions for Caroline: 

1. For which person do we have to design: 
someone with no hand-fuction at all or poor hand-function?

Design a product for someone who can't use their hands to attach and detach the leash/collar of the dog.
Because you will be helping more people in that way.

2. Do the dogs always wear a collar or would that be a problem?

Right now, they don't wear one, but if that would be part of a solution, that wouldn't be a problem.
The dogs will not bother wearing one.

3. Can they wear a harness? or the combination collar-harness?

They can wear it, but some dogs don't like wearing this. And they can wear a collar at all time, even to sleep. A harness has to be taken off.

4. Has the collar an other function than attaching the leash to the dog?

(question 2): No, because they normally don't wear one without a leash.

5. Would velcro be a problem, with the hair that sticks to it?

No, our dog-jackets work with velcro, we have a special brush to clean the velcro.
(as seen on the picture below)

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