vrijdag 2 mei 2014

prototype 45


testing of prototype 44

searching the ball and throwing him in the box without clicker)

'knee-command' => ball out of box

dog can dettach himself without help

the ball jumps out of the box


extra: Caroline told us that maybe the prototype will work only one time if the dog has made a kind of knot by dropping the ball in the wrong way, untill someone untangles the two ropes again. But if it can work once, then that would be already a great help for some people. And the owner of the dog can guide his dog more, and train him to make less mistakes. If the dog does everything in the right way, the prototype can be used several times. 

sequence of operations the dog has to do:
((1) ready to go: putting head through loop - (2) jump up - (3) walking to store etc - (4) home again: take ball - (5) drop it in box - get head out of the loop - free to walk alone)

if the dog made a mistake in step 4 or 5 , he will nog be able put the collar on for another trip. 

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