zaterdag 10 mei 2014

Prototype 46


Adapting prototype 45.

  • We bought a choke collar, because of the instructable: it is a standard piece.
  • We tried to position the rope with the ball a little bit further from the ring, so that the rope wouldn't twist around the collar.
  • We tried different material to make this little rope more stif: a thick elastic, a thick rope, foam around a rope, a straw around the rope, and an electricity cable. The straw around the rope was the best solution, but it wasn't durable. So be bought a small transparant PVC tube that fulfills the same function.


For the fixation to the wheelchair, we use the bar under the armseat.

We prototype a metal bar with two 90° angles in it (so that the box doensn't stick out of the wheelchair)
 The PVC box is attached to it with help of 2 bolts.

All materials needed for this prototype


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